Charlie Foster, SAL Vice-Commander 10th District,
appears in "The American Legion Annual Report 2012"

Charlie Foster, District 10 SAL Vice-Commander
Charlie Foster, a Sons of The American Legion
member, participates in the 2011 National
Convention Parade in Minneapolis.
(American Legion photo)

-Reprinted [in part] from "The American Legion Annual Report 2012"-

"The American Legion could not accomplish its goals, nor uphold the promises contained within its four pillars of service, without the tireless and enthusiastic cooperation of the entire American Legion family. This includes the American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion and American Legion Riders." ...

"Sons of The American Legion, created in 1932, is not a separate organization like the Auxiliary; it is a Legion program under the supervision of the Internal Affairs Commission. Open to male descendants of Legion-eligible veterans, many of today's nearly 340,000 Sons spend time volunteering at VA health-care facilities, raising money for the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation and supporting the Citizens Flag Alliance." ...

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