10th District SAL at St. Cloud VA Medical Center

District 10 SAL
L>R Mike Grubbs(566), Gary Semmel(334)
Allen Amundson(102), Marv Jonas(323)
Charlie Heemer(102), Joe Jenkins(523)
Dave 'Chico' Jenkins(523)

The 10th District SAL was privileged to participate in the Christmas party held in the Adult Day Care Center at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center.

We helped in the Bingo playing and gave 'canteen' coupons we had purchased to the winners. Near the end of Bingo we passed out coupons to those who hadn't won, so everyone was a winner. We also passed out bags of cookies to all those present.

It was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to really appreciate it and have a good time.

Right after Bingo Santa showed up and we had our picture taken with him.

A big Thank You to all who participated.

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